Hey guys! Been MIA lately cause I’ve been settling back into a work, study and training groove. After leaving Notre Dame at the end of July (which was I was v sad about) I somehow found myself back at ND! I’ll be working for some of the university’s study abroad programs while I apply for a PhD. Super excited!

Happy running arounds these lakes again 🙂

ANYWAYS…back to the purpose of this post. With the Berlin Marathon just over a week away (eeek!) it’s been making me think of past marathons and the thoughts that typically have gone through my head. One of them being “Ok, where’s my weight at?” and then self-deprecating Veves would add on “You’re a bulky human, G. You’re not built like a runner. You shouldn’t expect much in terms of speed.” Not exactly what you want to be telling yourself in the days leading up to a marathon…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I started running marathons in order to lose weight. Moreover, weight has always been factor in my life. Given my size (a towering 4 feet 11 inches) people always assumed that I weighed under 100 pounds. HA. I think the last time I saw a number under 100 on the scale I was probably 10 or 11. When I was 18 and at my fittest I weighed 118. Go figure! When I started running I always remembered feeling like my body type was off. Most people at races were super lean and tall (at least taller than 4’11”). It made me feel “big”.

Over the years and marathons my weight has fluctuated and up until this past year I was always trying to be lighter than the last marathon. Going into the 2016 Chicago Marathon I remember weighing in at 112. It was pretty crazy seeing that number on the scale. I was ecstatic at the time and PR’d by over 30 minutes. I thought “Great! I’ve got my runner’s body and now I’ll get faster!”. Looking back on it, 112 was NOT a healthy weight for me. I felt weak. I had no curves. I wasn’t truly happy. So naturally the scale did not stay at 112, but steadily crept up into the 130s after a stressful Spring semester and a summer in Italy (I really love to eat in Italy haha).  So when I started training for the 2017 Chicago Marathon I felt like it was an uphill battle because I had to get my weight under control and somehow get faster. I rolled up to the marathon weighing about 128/129. Needless to say, I was not feeling good about my chance at a PR. BUT to my surprise I snagged a 40ish second PR in very hot conditions and not at my ideal weight! I thought “Huh, that’s funny.” When I lined up for the Dallas Marathon two months later I was about 123-124. And guess what happened there? I CRUSHED my Chicago PR by 15 minutes!!! There it was! PROOF that weight is NOT the biggest factor in running. More importantly, it taught me that being healthy is not weight-based.

So going into Berlin I’m not stepping on the scale. I know I’m healthy and strong. And in those moments of self-doubt or self-deprecation I’ll remember this:

Chicago 2016: 112 lbs => 4:10:33     Dallas 2017: 123-4 lbs => 3:54:38



And now… It’s go time! Let’s see what this strong body can do! 


Cheers friends!


One thought on “Running and Weight

  1. Love this post!! I’m actually just listening to a podcast now (The Strenght Running podcast) that is talking about eating disorders amongst runners. So important to remember being healthy and strong is the only thing that matters! Can’t wait to see you be successful in Berlin!


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