Welp week one of training is done and dusted…and I. AM. SORE. The fact that I was sore AF by Thursday morning (Day 4) just goes to show how out of shape I have currently am haha BUT just gotta keep plugging along. It’s going to get way harder before it gets any easier.

The fact that I know I’m out of shape is actually a bit of a relief because it has taken the pressure off of me to expect big things to happen at the Colorado Marathon. I don’t need to BQ. I don’t need to PR. All I want to do is use this race to get back into shape and use it as a tool of healing as I work through my depression and anxiety. That is all.

So with that pressure off of me I feel like I can jazz up my normal training routine by adding weight training and doing LOTS of aqua jogging. I’m excited to see how my body changes and reacts to the varied training 🙂 So a quick recap of Week 1…

Monday: |65 minute trail run with my girl, Kate, and some ab work.| No pressure to this run AT ALL. We took it nice and slow and enjoyed running through the snowy (and unfortunately a bit smelly) woods near campus. It was also a great opportunity to unload some frustrations and anxieties about the future. By the end of the run I felt so much more relaxed and ready to take on the next days workout.

Tuesday: |15 minute warm up. 10 X 1 minute springs with equal recovery. 20 minutes to finish at a moderate pace.|  The start of this workout felt great! And the first few sprints flew by. I felt like I was floating. But then I got the WORST stitch in my side. I wanted to cry and give up…but I was too far away from home and the decision to walk home would mean being a human icicle by the time I got to my front door. So I acknowledged the pain and told myself to push through. Just keep going. You don’t know when this pain will end, but it will. It could go away in the next stride or in 10 minutes, but it WILL end. Somehow those words got me through. Eventually the pain did subside and I was glad that I stuck to the workout.

Wednesday: |10 minute warm up. 7 X 2:00 minutes at 7:30 pace with equal recovery. 10 minute cool down. After the run, LEGS: squats, leg presses, double and single leg extension X 3. | This one was TOUGH. I felt ok during the first part of the workout, but I could feel the fatigue setting in. And the leg work…well that was fun…I’ll leave it at that haha

Thursday: |Rest|Yep, just some good ole rest because my legs were SCREAMING Thursday morning. Folks, sitting down was a painful experience.

Friday: | AM:Arms/back. PM: 10 minute warm up. 10 X 1 minute spring with 30 second recovery. 40 minutes of aqua jogging. | Waking up extra early (no one should be up at 5:30am in my opinion…) was difficult and I was SHOCKED to see so many people at the gym so early (y’all crazy) but yeah was good to pump some iron before getting after the rest of my day. The evening workout…my legs were still very sore. That 10 minute warm up was at like an 11 minute pace…those little legs just would go any faster. And the sprints ended up being around an 8 minute pace. But putting aside paces, I was happy with the workout. I did my best and worked through the soreness. The aqua jogging was very nice way to end the week 🙂

Saturday: | Runner’s Yoga |SUCH a good opportunity to stretch, focus on my breathing and gear up for the next day’s 10 miler. The muscles were still sore, but the stretching definitely helped!

Sunday: |10 miles | Just kept things steady on the treadmill. Was a nice opportunity to watch the Oscars and catch up with one of my besties on the phone 🙂 I was also very proud of myself for just doing it. It’s been a while since I’ve run 10 miles!


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