Monday & Tuesday: …I let my sadness and frustration with myself get the best of me and skipped my runs. It happens. Just gotta move on and focus on what I can do from here on out.

Wednesday: |30 minutes at medium effort. One mike at 7:15 pace. 30 minutes medium pace.| Because of my 2 days off (😅) my legs felt fresh and I was ready to go! First 30 felt good. And then I got to the 7:15 mile …ouch haha. I forgot what it was like to get my legs going that fast for that long 😅 but I got through it! I focused on staying present and enduring. I think that’ll be a new motto of mine. Stay present and endure…catchy, no? Last 30 felt nice!

Thursday: Welp the day got away from me. It happens!

Friday: |A itty bit amount of leg strength exercises and 30 pushups 😅 | The day got away from me again. Maybe it’s time to start working out at ungodly hours of the morning 😭. But seriously… I do need to focus on going to sleep earlier so I can fit in my workouts in the morning.

Saturday: |10 minute warm up. 10 x 1 minute full sprint with equal recovery. 10 minute cool down. | My lungs HURT on this one but it was a good workout to get back into the swing of things. Went horseback riding after and I could tell my butt muscles would be sore for Sunday’s workout.

Sunday: |Hill sprints of death. | soooooo ouch hahah 15 minute warm up and then 5 hill sprints…but the hill was .3 miles long…that was TOUGH. But I’m glad I pushed through the workout. 15 minute cool down.

So this week wasn’t a red letter week for me as a runner. Hitting 3/6 workouts during marathon training isn’t ideal…but it happens. There’s nothing I can do about the days I missed. All I can do is learn to better arrange my schedule, acknowledge when I’m a bit down and move forward. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down or get knocked down, just keep getting up and things will come together. ❤️

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